Quadro P2000
Price: Rs.82,000.00
Quadro P600
Price: Rs.34,000.00
HDD-Ext-1TB Transcend
Price: Rs.11,750.00
Liteon DVD RW External

 Liteon External DVD RW - USB

Price: Rs.6,000.00
Liteon / Samsung DVD RW

 DVD Re Writer 

Price: Rs.2,650.00
Dell P2417H IPS LED
Price: Rs.26,500.00
Acer x34 Wide Screen

 Acer G-SYNC 34" Curved 100Hz Refresh rate LED.

Price: Rs.165,000.00
Arctic Silver 5

 The best thermal paste to keep your CPU or GPU cooler.

Price: Rs.2,200.00
Price:Rs. 34,000.00
Price:Rs. 40,000.00
Price:Rs. 30,500.00