AR02 Air Cooler

 Silverstone Air Cooler with 6 copper pipes. 

Price: Rs.5,500
TD02 Liquid Cooler

 One of the coolest liquid cooler having copper surface and having increased heat transfer efficency. 

Price: Rs.20,500.00
Price: Rs.11,500
Raven 5 Casing

 A chassie worth for the money spent. You get all features that you may need in it. With ideal air flow found only in Raven series of Silverstone.

Price: Rs.15,000
Price: Rs.18,000
USB External FAN

 Its a 1500RPM Noise Free Fan

Price: Rs.4,500
12cm Magnetic Filter

Dust can be a computer systems worst enemy as it has the potential to lower cooling performance or cause damage when left overly accumulated. This prevents it, its washable and sticks on the casing automatically. 

Price: Rs.900

High performance 18cm LED FAN

Price: Rs.2,000

High performance Blue LED Fan

Price: Rs.1,700
2.5 to 3.5 Drive Bay

 Drive Bay for 2.5" Drives to be used on a 3.5" Slot.

Price: Rs.900
Lockable SATA 3 Cable

 SATA 3 L Shape Locable SATA Cable ideal for Servers and Workstations.

Price: Rs.700
RL05 Casing

Since its debut in 2008, the RAVEN series has been synonymous with excellent cooling and unconventional designs.

Price: Rs.Rs. 10,500,00
Price:Rs. 34,000.00
Price:Rs. 40,000.00
Price:Rs. 30,500.00